'Merica Land By Paul Horner: A Tribute To Banksy's Dismaland! 'Merica Land Is The Ultimate American Life Experience!

Are you ready for 'Merica Land? I sure hope so! Get ready to experience MIND BLOWING excitement like the "Cubicle Ride of Doom!" and "The Homeless Experience" and "Professional Flag Waving & Putting American Stickers and Flags All Over Every Inch Of Your Car Ride". Get your picture taken at our TSA entrance and for only $10 more, experience the thrill of getting a full body cavity search! Dress up in police tactical gear and join in the fun with everyone's favorite, "Swat Team Raiding A Marijuana User's House Suspected Of Possessing A Joint And Killing The Family Dog And Then If He's White Being Forced To Go To A Marijuana Detox Center And If He's Black He Gets A Public Defender And Goes To Prison And Gets A Felony That Prevents Him From Getting A Job Ride". And games? We got em'! Shoot hoops with your friends for a chance at a real NBA career and a possible Hall of Fame inductee, but if you lose, then it's time to start your new career as a telemarketer - located on site! Learn the thrills of selling long distance to people who didn't want you to call them in the first place while you're surrounded by crack heads. So much fun! Bring your kids! Keep them locked up in the "Public Education Room" where they are forced to Pledge Allegiance To America and the Bible God regardless if they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, it doesn't matter! IT'S ALL GOOD CLEAN 'MERICA FUN! Watch your children learn to make fun of minorities, gay children, those with disabilities, basically anyone who isn't "normal", plus enjoy in the excitement of watching them build a bigger wall than the other children with Jenga blocks! And what about 'Merica Land merchandise? In 'Merica Land EVERYTHING is for sale! One of our top "possible" sellers (which can be purchased using Bitcoin, Monero, Fed Credits and 'Merica Money) is everyone's favorite, "Make 'Merica Great" hats, which at this time, come in the color red ONLY. We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any complaints, you can call our complaint department directly at (785) 273-0325. This is 'Merica everyone, and you have a chance to experience it to the EXTREMEST level possible!

Future Home Of 'Merica Land - Somewhere In America - Coming November 5th, 2017, which just happens to be this and Paul Horner's birthday!

Welcome to 'Merica Land

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